Pop Manga: Creating Characters for Mixed Media and Peg Dolls

Oh… 💙

I’m always looking for resources to help me create faces and build characters.

I believe I may have found something that speaks to my style.

You may love it too.

Pop Manga, by Camilla D’errico, showcases her popular Manga style and outlines how she approaches her art.

You could find an out of the box type character for yourself or be inspired to create a character with a story all to itself.

Everything in me tingles!

Take a look at it too.

You could find something special for your next drawing, painting or peg doll.

Have you tried to draw Manga?

Do you enjoy Pop Art?

My mind is whirling,
my imagination is in overdrive
and I’m excited to get creating!

Tell me what you think of Pop Manga.



Alicia DR Hankins
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Completed Large Fairy Peg Doll

Look who has her wings!
Completed large fairy peg doll made from wooden shapes and parts.

Photo of pin and teal large fairy peg doll habd painted by alicia DR Hankins

Handainted with acylic paints and brushwork.
Keep scrolling to see her 360, sides and back.

Photo of large fairy peg doll left side view hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

Large Fairy Doll donning her pretty flower dress waving her twinkly star wand.

Photo of large teal and pink fair peg doll back view hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

Flowing delicate paper wings on her back.

She’s a ginger full of life!

Photo of large teal and pink fairy peg doll right sude view hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

She has a full heart, ready to love.

Photo of large teal and pink peg doll bottom heart and signature hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

She’s looking for her forever home, all ready for adoption.

Photo of large teal and pink fairy peg doll zoom close up view of face hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

She’s looking to inspire your dreams and imagination.

Do her colors remind you of anything?

Alicia DR Hankins

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New Start Large Peg Doll Fairy

The birth of a new Dolly!

One of the Large Peg Dolls from mixed parts.

Photo of large peg doll with base coat and start of sketching design

Getting her start with a few light base coats and some sketching.

Can you guess what she’ll be? Maybe she’s saying she’s a fairy?

Here’s a little bit of face 😁

With some color she starts to come to life.

Photo of the start painting of peg doll fairy face

Now for some details 💙

What does a fairy need?

Alicia DR Hankins
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Large Peg Doll Assembly

Look at the Giant Extra Large Peg Dolls, all made from a mix of non doll parts creatively put together.

Photo of extra large peg dolls made from a mix of wooden parts

From a box of parts that were a mix of this or that, out came this. The largest is over 8 inches!

Who would have guessed some of these could have even been put together?!

It was fun to mix it up and find these new creations!

Sometimes you can find more than first appears with a little creativity.

Can you see what they are going to be?

What kinds of creations would you paint on these Peg Dolls?

Alicia DR Hankins
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