Attraction Marketing Training Live Session

Attraction Marketing Training 

LIVE Session

Would you like to get together In Real Life with your  mentor for attraction marketing?

Ever found a great chance like that, only to find out it will cost you big dollars to travel to get there?

What if you could Skype in, overcome the distance challenge, and be right there live, as it goes down?


I have. There’s been many times where I thought, wow, if only I could go to that, only to find out travel was next to impossible, not practical, the timing wouldn’t work out. I’d hear of a live broadcast, but for some reason with our time difference, something wouldn’t work, or all the lines would fill up and the broadcast didn’t work out.

Well, today I’m excited. It’s happening! I  get to be on the other side of that. Today, I’ve got the opportunity to take what I offer in my online training group to a real life group wanting to know more about Attraction Marketing. I’m sure they are as excited as I am!

What if your training was fun, engaging, practical and you walk away with something you can use right away and see results immediately?

Would you want to know more?

In Real Life Attraction Marketing Training

I am not your typical trainer, as you can see from the photo. You’ll be entertained, engaged, active, and excited as you pick up skills you’re not even aware of learning as I take you through my attraction marketing training activities.

Would you like to get together In Real Life with your mentor for attraction marketing?All packed, ready to go!What I normally offer in my online training group, will be shared today in our meet up. What an  opportunity to get together with people, in my area, right here! Imagine you can come and learn what Attraction Marketing is all about and be able to start  using what you learn TODAY.


picture of team ohana hawaii sitting at tables attending training attraction marketing training aliciadrhankins

Team Ohana Hawaii Team Training

picture of me and my glasses as part of the panorama picture business training team ohana hawaii attraction marketing training aliciadrhankins

Me at the Training, the end of the panorama picture

Training was amazing!

Nicole trained on our FaceBook funnel, our groups and the dynamics to work as a team. She showed us how to set our goals for the upcoming months and gave us tools to get the job done!

Eric trained on sales, how we can take know, tried and true sales techniques and incorporate them into attraction marketing, with pizazz and flare!

My IRL attraction marketing training went well! At the close, we had 100% of the attendees ready to sign up and get started.

Would you love to have closing stats like that? 100% closing rate!

Want to know how?

Shout out your name in the comments, then click the contact me page. Send me a message saying “I want to be part of your online attraction marketing training group!” I’ll connect with you and get you started right away.


All packed, ready to go!

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