Completed Irish Dancer Peg Dolls

These smiling faces have been on my table getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day.
(Keep scrolling to see their 360 view)

Photo of wooden Irish dancer peg dolls by alicia aliciadrhankins

Each girl is part of this spirited dance team showing their individual personality while keeping in theme with their sisters.

A left face.
They are wooden toy peg dolls.

A view of their hair.
Hand painted with professional acrylic paints.

And a right face.
Detailed by hand with care.

Each have a heart of gold to give to a special new friend.

Complete with dance gear, head bands, smiles and hearts, they seek homes and are available for adoption.
Message for info.


Alicia DR Hankins
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Completed Large Fairy Peg Doll

Look who has her wings!
Completed large fairy peg doll made from wooden shapes and parts.

Photo of pin and teal large fairy peg doll habd painted by alicia DR Hankins

Handainted with acylic paints and brushwork.
Keep scrolling to see her 360, sides and back.

Photo of large fairy peg doll left side view hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

Large Fairy Doll donning her pretty flower dress waving her twinkly star wand.

Photo of large teal and pink fair peg doll back view hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

Flowing delicate paper wings on her back.

She’s a ginger full of life!

Photo of large teal and pink fairy peg doll right sude view hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

She has a full heart, ready to love.

Photo of large teal and pink peg doll bottom heart and signature hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

She’s looking for her forever home, all ready for adoption.

Photo of large teal and pink fairy peg doll zoom close up view of face hand painted by alicia DR Hankins

She’s looking to inspire your dreams and imagination.

Do her colors remind you of anything?

Alicia DR Hankins

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New Start Large Peg Doll Fairy

The birth of a new Dolly!

One of the Large Peg Dolls from mixed parts.

Photo of large peg doll with base coat and start of sketching design

Getting her start with a few light base coats and some sketching.

Can you guess what she’ll be? Maybe she’s saying she’s a fairy?

Here’s a little bit of face 😁

With some color she starts to come to life.

Photo of the start painting of peg doll fairy face

Now for some details πŸ’™

What does a fairy need?

Alicia DR Hankins
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Large Peg Doll Assembly

Look at the Giant Extra Large Peg Dolls, all made from a mix of non doll parts creatively put together.

Photo of extra large peg dolls made from a mix of wooden parts

From a box of parts that were a mix of this or that, out came this. The largest is over 8 inches!

Who would have guessed some of these could have even been put together?!

It was fun to mix it up and find these new creations!

Sometimes you can find more than first appears with a little creativity.

Can you see what they are going to be?

What kinds of creations would you paint on these Peg Dolls?

Alicia DR Hankins
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Completed Handpainted Elf Peg Doll with Art Doll Face

Elf Peg Doll with sculpted Hearty Air Dry Clay additions.

Ready for adoption

See him from all sides in the photos.Photo of completed elf peg doll handpainted face detailsHand painted with acrylics.

He’s a ginger, complete with freckles.

Photo of left side Handpainted elf peg doll by aliciadrhankins Photo of back side of Handpainted elf peg doll

Photo of Handpainted elf peg doll right side view made by aliciadrhankins

Now to finish his Santa friend.

Alicia DR Hankins

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Elf Peg Doll Sculpt and First Coat Paint

This little Elf got some clay on him.

Am trying the Hearty Air Dry Clay that I could find locally at my only craft store. The clay is sculpted on to a wooden peg doll boy.

Photo of elf with air dry clay ears hands cape

The clay is different from a polymer clay. This is light, a bit wet. Yet in our climate it seems to dry a bit quick. I think working it with damp or wet fingers helps to keep it supple enough not to crack.

After 24 hours, the clay is easy to scrape or smooth and it’s easy to paint with acrylics. I’ve used mostly Americana by Delta and Ceramcoat paints since those paints have been part of my 30 years of acrylic painting.

Photo of elf peg doll painted greens and red no details

Painting is my meditation.
Funny what you think of while creating.
My mind wanders, I think of my cousins, only two that I was ever close to even though there are many. I miss one, she died too young. I think on the fun times I had painting, learning from other artists, watching my mom do crafts. Painting is quiet peaceful thing. πŸ’™

Here’s the first base coat on the Elf Peg Doll. He’s hanging out with his Santa friend. (More on Santa in another post 😁)

Photo of elf and santa peg doll with reds greens and blues painted

Watercolor is my love, but acrylic is my first affair with paint. This side trip to dolls, faces, and acrylic is a pleasant surprise.

Hope you like the little creatures that will come from it.

Alicia DR Hankins

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New Start Elf Peg Doll and Air Dry Clay

This is about to go down.

Picture of peg doll with start of elf drawn on and air dry clay ready to sculpt

Not sure I like this air dry clay, it gets dry so quickly here in our temperature. If this elf is even half of what I imagine…he could be pretty cool.

Do you like hearty clay? How do you keep it supple?

Wish me luck.

Sculpty gods, show mercy.

Alicia DR Hankins

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Peg Doll with Panda Hoodie

Here he is!

The Peg Doll with his Panda Hoodie.

Picture of peg doll in a panda hoodie

The only popular air dry clay in my local store was Hearty brand, so I thought I’d test it out.

The clay dries out a little while working with it here in our climate, but it did make a cute panda hoodie.

The first coat of acrylic paint went on well. The details had to be reapplied and of course that face had to get on there too.

He got some highlights and shadows on him to finish his look.

Hope you like him. He’s got a big smile and is ready for adoption!

Alicia DR Hankins

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Peg Doll and Air Dry Clay

This rascalness is about to go down.

Over the Holidays, I saw several Instagram posts showing Peg Dolls customized to match family photos and Peg Dolls painted with beautiful Art Doll faces.

I just have to give it a try! Adding some clay bits to make it special.

Now, can I do them up with those gorgeous art doll gazes? Guess we’ll find out soon.

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