Pop Manga: Creating Characters for Mixed Media and Peg Dolls

Oh… 💙

I’m always looking for resources to help me create faces and build characters.

I believe I may have found something that speaks to my style.

You may love it too.

Pop Manga, by Camilla D’errico, showcases her popular Manga style and outlines how she approaches her art.

You could find an out of the box type character for yourself or be inspired to create a character with a story all to itself.

Everything in me tingles!

Take a look at it too.

You could find something special for your next drawing, painting or peg doll.

Have you tried to draw Manga?

Do you enjoy Pop Art?

My mind is whirling,
my imagination is in overdrive
and I’m excited to get creating!

Tell me what you think of Pop Manga.



Alicia DR Hankins
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Large Peg Doll Assembly

Look at the Giant Extra Large Peg Dolls, all made from a mix of non doll parts creatively put together.

Photo of extra large peg dolls made from a mix of wooden parts

From a box of parts that were a mix of this or that, out came this. The largest is over 8 inches!

Who would have guessed some of these could have even been put together?!

It was fun to mix it up and find these new creations!

Sometimes you can find more than first appears with a little creativity.

Can you see what they are going to be?

What kinds of creations would you paint on these Peg Dolls?

Alicia DR Hankins
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Bags of Peg Doll Parts Supply Haul

It’s raining Peg Dolls!Photo of bags of wooden doll parts supplies

This playground of parts will Frankenstein together some “one of a kind” dollies.

We have no supply locally so there’s no way to play with parts to build something.
I had to get “one of this” “two of that” to build the toys that you’ll see soon. There are all kinds of parts that may not even make anything dolly-like, but I’m sure they can become something else that’s fun.

Do you have wooden doll parts in your local arts and crafts stores?

What could they all become?

Alicia DR Hankins
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Acrylic Paint for Peg Dolls Art Suply Haul

Faerie Colors abound!

My go to acrylics are Ceramcoat by Delta and Americana by Deco Art. The Jo Sonja is my gouache type paint for hair and beards. These have been the smoothest paints and the easiest to work with on wood surfaces for me for years.

I’ve had over 30 years of fun with acrylics!

I still very much love my watercolors
but these wooden Peg Dolls I’ve been making call for unbridled acrylics.

Im dreaming of faeries…

And why not paint with New Colors?

Do you have a favorite?

Alicia DR Hankins

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