First Marks on the Blank Page

In the last post it was all about the fear of the white page and  a change in mindset. With that change, thinking a little differently than usual,  I went for it!

And this is the result.

picture of the first marks on the blank page experimental watercolor splashes of color

Ready to make the first marks on the blank page.

The paper needed a friend, a pal, to keep it company.
Why not make a splash, let it happen, lose control?
Look, it made something on it’s own!
I gave it a few drops of alcohol to stir up the party.

One of the most fun qualities of watercolor is it’s ability to be unpredictable.
You give it a stage, great paper, you give it music, water, could it dance for us?

The Joy of Watercolor is it’s nature to run, to bloom, to travel, to be free. Part of why I love this medium over any other is this thing that it does, have a mind of it’s own to move and spread, travel and mix. Why do you love it? Do you like to watch it do it’s thing?

Here’s my first brave mark. What did you splash on your blank page?

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Share your idea in the comments, could I try it too?

Pentalic Aqua Journal – the Terrorizing Blank Page

picture of pentalic aqua journal da vinci maestro brushes and mijello mission gold watercolor paints

The new journal. Pretty. Clean. For artists, absolutely terrorizing.

Pentallic Aqua Journal

Getting set to mark up this pentalic aqua journal.

What is it about that blank page that terrorizes us artists?

picture of da vinci maestro series 35 brushes on white page of pentalic aqua journal with mijello mission gold paint in the background

The Terrorizing Blank Page

It’s so fast, so white, so pristine.

But wait, what if we thought of it as empty? Needing companionship? Needing some life? Wanting something to keep it company, yearning for it even, needing it so badly it’s very existence depended on it?

Then would it be easier to get that first mark on?

I know for me, I’ve been thinking of “saving” this pretty book. I mean, it’s made of real 140# cp watercolor paper, a gold mine right?

picture of inner leaf of pentalic aqua journal page

But then, my mind raced, thinking each time I use it, I need to paint a masterpiece on each page!!! My heart pounded, my palms got clammy, I could feel the panic! The pressure! To make something pretty, over and over, each time on every page!

No. No, no, no.

This blank white page in this pretty book will not win!

It needs marks. It’s yelling for anything, something, it’s so alone without a splash!

So you know what?

I’ve got my palette. (Mission Gold by Mijello)

I’ve got my brushes. (Da Vinci Maestro)

picture of pentalic aqua journal open to first blank white page with da vinci maestro brushes and mijello mission gold watercolor ready to paint

I’m going in. Bold, bright and big!

This first white page of this pretty book is gonna get a big ole splash of bright color for a friend. Stay tuned to see the proof!

Right. Now.




Have you had this inner talk, these whispers in your ear, as you face a new painting sketchbook? Have you faced the fear? How do you overcome the terrorizing blank page?

Click on the blog title and comment in the box, share your triumph, your first splash on this known bane to artist. What do you do?

Art Through My Eyes

My eyes

take in the world

arouse my senses

My hand moves,

my brush dances,

for you,

a world to see


Alicia DR Hankins

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