Pop Manga: Creating Characters for Mixed Media and Peg Dolls

Oh… 💙

I’m always looking for resources to help me create faces and build characters.

I believe I may have found something that speaks to my style.

You may love it too.

Pop Manga, by Camilla D’errico, showcases her popular Manga style and outlines how she approaches her art.

You could find an out of the box type character for yourself or be inspired to create a character with a story all to itself.

Everything in me tingles!

Take a look at it too.

You could find something special for your next drawing, painting or peg doll.

Have you tried to draw Manga?

Do you enjoy Pop Art?

My mind is whirling,
my imagination is in overdrive
and I’m excited to get creating!

Tell me what you think of Pop Manga.



Alicia DR Hankins
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