Watercolor Art Supplies Jackson’s Art and Da Vinci Brushes

What’s an artist need most?

New Watercolor Art Supplies of course!

Jackson’s Art

Jackson’s Art has become one of my favorite online suppliers of art goodies. They have great customer service and ship quickly with great packaging.

Da Vinci Maestro

In this box, a gem!

Da Vinci Maestro series 35, size 12.

The brush is beautiful. A full review son, but know now if you want lots of painting power and agility, this brush is for you.

I love it! Here is the size 5 and 00 too.

Giving the Cosmotop Spin a try for big washes. Review of that soon too, because I have used it and it’s a dream!

Have you tried the Maestro or the Spin? How do you like it? What’s your go to brush? Do you have a favorite online art store?

Click on the blog title and comment in the box, I’m hoping to learn of new places for supplies and of course would love to hear about your brushes in your toolbox?

Blue Watercolor and Da Vinci Maestro

Blue Watercolor and Da Vinci Maestro watercolor brush, a perfect pair.

See that new tool?
Yeah, that brush?

It does serious action!
What a difference a brush makes.

This one can “kiss” my paper, instead of “licking” it. This brush dances for me. I hear it’s song. It can bow long like a viola, it skips like a piccalo, it toots like a trumpet and swooned like honey voices.

And it’s great friends with blue now.

What’s in your hand?

What brush dances for You?

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