The Difference Between Sponsoring and Recruiting in Direct Sales or MLM

The Difference Between Sponsoring and Recruiting in Direct Sales and MLM

Sponsor or Recruit? picture of networking professionals working with words sponsor or recruit direct sales tip
When building your business, are you looking to sponsor or recruit?

Well, what’s the difference between sponsoring and recruiting in direct sales and mlm?

The difference between sponsoring and recruiting is a powerful thing to learn. If you’re like me, learning these differences can help you build a more solid business and change the way you connect with people.

Recruiting is really all about signing up as many people as you can, as quickly as you can. Your mindset is exposing everyone to your business, finding as many of them to sign up with you, and hoping some of them follow  your lead.

A recruit is someone you sign up to get to work for you. A recruiter builds WIDE and hopes some of the people signed up with be superstars. You get them in, they get their kit and website and off they go, someone else trains them or they self guide themselves through the process.

Rinse, repeat. Your job is over, you are a recruiter.

Recruiting is a sale’s persons mindset.

Sponsoring, on the other hand, is different. Yes, you’re still looking for people to join you in your business, but your approach and mindset is much different.

The biggest difference is, as a sponsor, are NOT looking to add everyone to your business. You are looking for people who express interest in doing what you do; i.e. helping other people. (As compared to turning a quick dollar) You are looking for people willing to commit to the time to make things work, people that are coachable and ready to learn. A sponsor is looking for people ready to  take the next steps necessary to grow.

Sponsors sort out people and are selective like this because the journey is just beginning when you’re signing up someone as a sponsor.

When you sponsor someone into your business you make a commitment to invest quality time with each person you sponsor. You walk them through the process of getting started, you coach them on goal setting, you do a lot of one on one with them. You stay with them to help them get their business off the ground and running. You help them grow and earn their first successes. You mentor them and in turn, they learn to mentor their team that they sponsor too.

In contrast, when you recruit, after your person signs up, your job is done. When you sponsor, as soon as they sign up, your job is just beginning.

Recruiters are salespeople.

Sponsors are teachers. 
The most successful leaders in Direct Sales and MLM are Teachers. Sponsors that take the time to teach, to connect, to help coach business success, build teams that are solid, duplicate and grow.

What do you do?

Sponsor or Recruit?

Which do you think works best for your business? Why has it worked?

Drop your comments below and let’s see how many people are recruiting and how many are sponsoring.



Alicia DR Hankins
The Magnet Queen

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