Google+ Hangouts On Air the Non Techies Solution to Online Meetings

Google+ Hangouts On Air

Google+ Hangouts On Air the Non Techies Solution to Online Meetings

Need some help figuring out how to get your team of five, twenty, one hundred, maybe even thousands together all at once? Scratching your head reading all those webinar service terms and agreements? Just don’t have the techie skills or the time to figure it all out?

I may just have “The” Non Techie solution for your meeting.

Google+ Hangouts On Air

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Traditionally, we’ve had to figure out a webinar platform. Free accounts come with limited capabilities, limited viewer ship and limited time allowances which in turn force you to basically upgrade and pay for the premium services they offer. You need to make sure each participant has the software needed to attend the event and most times they need to register, they’ll get a specific URL and everyone needs to meet up at the exact time to see the webinar live. You can share your screen, most times it is a powerpoint presentation, which you’ve created, formatted and set up ahead of time. Oh, and if you want to provide a recorded version of your meeting to your followers, you most likely have to pay for that service as well.

Are you frustrated, confused and tired already, just from reading that short blurb on webinar set up? Keep reading. I’ve got something for you that you’ll love.

If you’re like me,

  • you have an idea
  • jot a few notes down
  • think of a few people to share it with
  • pick some collaborators
  • want to meet up and get it going
  • want a recording to refer back to or to have available for anyone that may have missed the live meet up

For me, start to finish, I want this meeting to happen. I want results, I want excitement, I want my energy focused on the connections, the interactions, and the great things that come out from the meeting.

I’m not looking to spend all my time planning it.

I’d prefer not having to  learn a ton of technology to put it together. Because, you know you can start with one piece, figure out you need a program, learn that program, find out you need yet another program to save that in a file, then need another program to connect it to the  platform, then you still need to learn more technology to navigate the platform itself. No. That is not where I’d like to spend my time.

I love simple.

Do you love simple?

Google+ Hangouts On Air is simple.

You can do it. Even the most non techie person will succeed.

You’ll need a few set up things. (At the end of this post, I’ll list the links you’ll need to help you set up your own Google+ Hangouts On Air, go all the way to the bottom of the post)

We did it with

  • a computer (your set up needs a webcam, an audio in source, access to Google+) I used my MacMini, a webcam and a USB headset with mic. My friend used her laptop.
  • Google+ account – if you don’t have one yet, you need one now. I’m sure just about everyone has one already. If you don’t it’s free. It’s easy to get one. No techie skills needed.
  • YouTube account – sign up for your youtube account, connect it with your Google+ account, verify your youtube account and you’re good to go.

To get the hangout going, it’s really very simple. The host presenter will sign in to Google+, start a Hangouts On Air, invite the co presenters (up to 10 max), then hit the start broadcast button.

Easy. Peasy.

As the recording starts, everyone will warm up, check into the meeting. You just get started. Don’t worry about it being perfect, focus your energy and time on connecting with your team and doing what it is that your meeting was meant to do.

Meanwhile, Google+ and YouTube are doing the rest. Your meeting is being recorded and will be available for you to keep private, or share the link with only those you want to have it, or for the whole world to see, your choice.

Now, here’s a great thing. You can only have 10 people contribute via video. BUT, if your Google+ Hangouts On Air is public, anyone can bump into you and watch your meeting. This means any number of people can be in your meeting! If you need input from a large numbered group, you can field texts through your phone if you open up questions live. Or you can use a chat box from other platforms (like FaceBook – because everyone has FaceBook right?) to exchange questions or input from anyone not on as presenters.

Anyway you look at it, you win.

  • You can get up and running quickly
  • Your participants can get in easily
  • You don’t need extra software
  • It records for you, you don’t have to fuss with any program to monitor the recording
  • You have a copy of the meeting when it’s over
  • Everyone can watch you live, seats are unlimited
  • It’s easy! No techie skills needed.

and best of all

  • It’s FREE

We chose Google+ Hangouts On Air as our platform because it’s simple. It’s Free. Guess what happened?

The Google+ Hangouts On Air actually lends to a great feel for a meeting. The co-presenters are very relaxed. The atmosphere is casual. The message that needs to be delivered via video or conference is easily constructed. There is something to be said for the environment Google+ Hangouts On Air creates.

Here’s our first Google+ Hangouts On Air

It’s not rigid. It’s not scripted. It’s not out of reach.

It is personable. It is interactive. It is connective. It’s easy to share. It’s fun.

It gets the job done.

Have you done a Google+ Hangouts On Air? How did it go? What kind of meeting did you hold? What were your results? Leave a few comments about your own experience, maybe even a link to Hangout!

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* UPDATE: Podcast for Google Hangouts On Air is HERE

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