Is Your Idea Worthwhile

Is Your Idea Worthwhile?

Have you been sitting there thinking of something you’d really like to know, no, you know you’d LOVE to do, but you’re wondering, is your idea worthwhile?

How long have you wondered?

How long have you planned it out?

Have you imagined it to be over and over in your head, but you just haven’t jumped in to do it?

I’d bet you’re waiting for

  • the right time
  • the right place
  • the perfect opportunity
  • the perfect people to share it with
  • the best situation where you know you’ll be perfect, it will be perfect

(Wait, Alicia, How did you know that?)

Because I’ve been you, I’ve thought that too!

But, guess what?

Where is your dream? Where is you idea?

Yup, you guessed it.

It’s still inside your head somewhere.

Where I can guarantee you,

No One will ever find it.

Is your idea worthwhile, well, the only worthwhile idea is the one which you take action.

picture of camera with words the only worthwhile idea is the one on which you take action

Get it out there! Take action now, make it worthwhile!

You can do it, I believe in you!

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