Live Life to the Fullest

Live Life to the Fullest

Do you live life to the fullest? Job got you down, thinking you’ll just slug through it. Hoping someday things will be better. Read on.

Live Life to the Fullest! This has been my driving force and reason to continue on the way of the entrepreneur.

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If you’ve been following the A.M. News On Renegade 101.3 FM, today, I shared the story of my most wonderful teacher friend, JoAnn and how her passing away has shaped my life and my outlook on today’s traditional job market. This share started as a heart felt moment but it’s grown into so much more after hearing back from all the people it touched while telling it.

I’m ever grateful for my friend and what she’s taught me. What her story could share with you could change your life. I’ve learned that there are many many people out there feeling as she did and are wanting to do something about it. If you are trudging off to work everyday, wishing for it to get better, looking for a way to be happier, watch this video. It could change your life.

I’m still a teacher at heart. Teaching is my passion. Once I’ve learned something, I know I can teach it and help others to success too.

Now, instead of teaching school children, I teach people to find their passion and look for joy in freeing themselves from the chains of a job they dislike. Being your own boss, finding time freedom is finding your joy of life! Treasure each moment of that joy as you make a difference in the world!

I help people grow their home based business. If you recognize yourself in what I’ve said, contact me, let’s chat.

Here’s to your greatness!

You Can Do It!



Live Life to the Fullest

These quotes nearly all have one thing in common. Time. Time is short, make the best of it right now. You deserve to find your joy right now.






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