New Start Elf Peg Doll and Air Dry Clay

This is about to go down.

Picture of peg doll with start of elf drawn on and air dry clay ready to sculpt

Not sure I like this air dry clay, it gets dry so quickly here in our temperature. If this elf is even half of what I imagine…he could be pretty cool.

Do you like hearty clay? How do you keep it supple?

Wish me luck.

Sculpty gods, show mercy.

Alicia DR Hankins

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Peg Doll with Panda Hoodie

Here he is!

The Peg Doll with his Panda Hoodie.

Picture of peg doll in a panda hoodie

The only popular air dry clay in my local store was Hearty brand, so I thought I’d test it out.

The clay dries out a little while working with it here in our climate, but it did make a cute panda hoodie.

The first coat of acrylic paint went on well. The details had to be reapplied and of course that face had to get on there too.

He got some highlights and shadows on him to finish his look.

Hope you like him. He’s got a big smile and is ready for adoption!

Alicia DR Hankins

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Peg Doll and Air Dry Clay

This rascalness is about to go down.

Over the Holidays, I saw several Instagram posts showing Peg Dolls customized to match family photos and Peg Dolls painted with beautiful Art Doll faces.

I just have to give it a try! Adding some clay bits to make it special.

Now, can I do them up with those gorgeous art doll gazes? Guess we’ll find out soon.

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