Welcome January! Happy Stuff Only

Welcome January!

Welcome January!


picture of welcome january on two fairy lights happy stuff only showing on the words

A great welcome!

Today marks Day 1 of a nNew Year


and a new month!

And what does that bring to mind?


This year, this month, as I set out to think about what to accomplish in business this year, I realized that life and business go together. You know what one thing I hear over and over again from people?
What one thing we’d all like MORE of?


So why not blend your Happy into your Business?!

With that thought in mind, New Beginnings are here. Follow with me as I give you a glimpse into the changes you can do today to Make Your Happy Your Business!


For the next day, the next week, the next month, put everything you do through the H.So filter.
Tell yourself,

Happy Stuff Only!

Then look at what you are facing and ask yourself

Is this happy stuff?

If not, let it go.
Leave it off the priority list.
Of course you can’t NOT do the mundane and not so happy stuff in life, but I challenge you to do this.
Find ONE thing about your task that you CAN be happy about.
Focus on that.
For example, you have to go grocery shopping.
In the snow or rain it can be a daunting task.
Maybe you have to tote a teething wee one with you and it doesn’t seem as if it will be a fun field trip.
Well, FIND ONE THING, just ONE that you can be happy about.
Maybe it could be
you get to wear a really pretty new pair of leggings while you’re out 🙂
or maybe you can grab a warm latte while you’re there 🙂
or maybe you can cuddle that little teether for just a moment before getting ’em into the car seat 🙂
as your twinkly lights, smiley, happy
and make that your H.So for these next moments of the day.
You can do it! Easy right?

Today, invite some twinkly lights into your life and your day! Find a happy moment, jot it down. Hop to the next happy moment, jot it down. Let’s take tiny steps to finding our Happy! It’s there, go looking!

Here’s my goal for the next few days. Get ready so you can get started to. We’re heading to a year of happiness, what could be a better goal?!

  1. paint the cover of my new chapter, create your own story book (covered in yesterday’s post)
  2. explore color themes for ‘happy’ colors
  3. set up a calendar and planner for business and bloggin, just for January (don’t jump the gun now, wait til you see this post! You’ll love it and want to do it too!)
  4. decide on a few themes and posts for blogging and social media campaigns
  5. add January business posts to my auto-poster

Go ahead and create 5 simple goals for the next few days. Keep them doable and remember the H.So  filter.
If you like, you can follow along and do the same simple goals I am doing. Together we can find our happy and get it into our business!

What 5 goals did you choose?
Do you like the H.So filter?
How can all this work for you?

Drop a few lines in the comments and let me know what you’re thinking,
tell me how this can help you.



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