Why Choose Network Marketing

Why Choose Network Marketing

Why Choose Network Marketing over a brick and mortar store? I’ve been following several kickstarter projects set up by friends. Watching their process, talking with them about what it takes to start and complete a product from scratch to finish has got me thinking about the time and money they’ve invested.

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I was so in thought over it I had to share it in this video.
*I didn’t really get camera ready, I  just had to get it recorded so I’m truly in the “work moment”.

They had to invest a lot of money (create the kickstarter to get that money), set up all the connections and contracts for that product and it’s manufacturing (which for some took years), pay out for a building/employees/helpers, come up with some kind of marketing, in a sense they have to wear all hats of a company or find a way in their funding to hire and outsource that help. All without any inventory left at the end to continue on with.

If you choose network marketing you can

  • own your own business at a lower investment price than any other business
  • avoid overhead costs
  • work from home without the cost of an office
  • eliminate the cost of hiring employees
  • recoup your investment and reinvest in yourself without going into debt
  • use your network marketing company as a source of free training instead of paying for training or spending time doing it yourself for everyone that joins you
  • use your network marketing company’s marketing to get your product awareness out there without you personally spending money for the campaigns
  • can focus on getting started right away, plug and play, right out of the box!

All this and you are still your own boss. With no overseeing boss, like with your J.O.B., you are in charge of your time, effort, expenses, commitment.

For me, I find it easy to choose network marketing.  I have invested in the my home MLM with the best option that offers the most return in the long run. I find that the members of my team that have done the same have recouped that investment quickly and are in profit within weeks, sometimes within days. That wouldn’t happen in their own ground up ventures.

Give it some thought. It’s not for everyone, but if you are curious and feeling that it could be for you check out these resources as well.

Why Network Marketing, Visi

Eric Worre, Network Marketing Pro, Go Pro (mentioned in the video)

I believe you can dream BIG in network marketing. Your earnings potential is unlimited and guided by you. You are in control. You have a much better future than toiling away for someone else, having someone else control your potential.

If you choose network marketing, I’d love to hear your dreams, help you to shine and unleash the greatness that is in you right now. If you feel this could be for you contact me, let’s talk!

Here’s to your success!

You Can Do It!


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